Intermittently-Powered Bluetooth that Works


We present an architecture for intermittently-powered wireless communication systems that does not require any changes to the official protocol specification. Our core idea is to save the intermediate state of the wireless protocol to non-volatile memory within each connection interval. The protocol state is then deterministically restored at a predefined (harvested energy-dependent) time, which follows the connection interval. As a case study for our architecture, we introduce FreeBie: a battery-free intermittently-powered Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mote. To the best of our knowledge FreeBie is the first battery-free active wireless system that sustains bi-directional communication on intermittent harvested energy. The strength of our architecture is articulated by FreeBie consuming at least 9.5 times less power during device inactivity periods than a state-of-the-art BLE device.

ACM MobiSys 2022